The audience just doesn’t sit back and watch – they become the entertainment!!!

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What is Soultainment? 

Soultainment combines singing, music, movement, acting, props and much more into improvisational group activities. The audience just doesn’t sit back and watch – they become the entertainment.


Perfect For All Ages, All Occasions



Music. Dancing. DJ. Did that, done that. Now it’s time to take your party to the next level. Your guests will be thanking you for years to come after they experience Soultainment at your next party.  Soultainment is perfect for any party you want to add fun to. 


Soultainment is a cost effective way to deliver amazing social entertainment to seniors. Activities stimulate seniors’ minds and bodies as they enjoy a time of fun, laughter and socialization. 


Got a group of people to entertain? Give them Soultainment. Soultainment is perfect for communities and apartment residents. It a great way to provide entertainment and create strong social bonds within your community.


Looking for a creative team bonding activity that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? And, you don’t have to leave the office to do it? Soultainment will strengthen your team, build trust, and stimulate innovation. By the way, it’s a lot of fun too!


It will take more than memorization and writing papers to compete in today’s economy. Soultainment equips students with valuable, transferable job skills that will greatly enhance their marketability. Soultainment builds confidence, courage and equips them to step out of their confining comfort zones to reach their Fulltential.


Soultainment is a great way to make customers happy and draw new ones to your businesses. Let our facilitators turn your customers into the entertainment. They’ll come to eat. They’ll come to laugh. They’ll keep coming back for more.


 Soultainment is a continuous, joyous roller coaster of stimulating involvement. Participants experience fun, non-stop laughter and something they’ll be talking about for a long time.

Soultainment Is…




Cardio For The Mind


Fun and Easy

Highly Social



Soultainment was originally started as a leadership development program. It was a huge success and experienced explosive growth. Soultainment was created to offer it beyond the the corporate world.

 – PaulSoultainment Founder

Home Page

 The best activity we have done in 12 years. 

Misty Posey, the Community Director for Evergreen

Soultainment provides a fun, easy, and cost effective way to deliver amazing entertainment to people of any age, gender and nationality. Sessions start at $75.


We’re Hiring

Make six times the minimum wage while having fun and making people laugh. What does it take to be a successful Soultainment facilitator? Compassion and courage. 


Our Soultainment facilitators bring their own PA system, hundreds of props and tons of activities. Soultainment is a cost-effective way to entertain and socialize your residents of every age.